Posted on 25 May 2011


This has been a bit of a long time coming, but my latest project Technocrat is now available to play with. I even wrote a little bit of blurb to go with it.

Technocrat is an ambient techno machine based upon the principle that everything should arpeggiate upwards. It moves gradually between crisp melodies, twinkling drones, and fuzzy noise.

Technocrat uses Audiolet to generate and schedule the sounds, and Raphaël to create the UI.

This is the biggest thing which I’ve created using Audiolet by quite some way, and has provided a number of new classes and countless bug fixes along the way. The outcome of all this tinkering is that Audiolet is shaping up pretty nicely now, and with some more documentation and tests should be very close to a release.

On a related note, Raphaël is awesome for creating simple UI components, and pretty much just worked throughout the project. I’d highly recommend it for this sort of app.

Finally, if you want to meddle with the internals of Technocrat then you can grab the source code from GitHub. It’s not particularly well documented at the moment, but it should be straightforward enough to understand.