Posted on 26 Jan 2012

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Posted on 19 Dec 2011


It’s been a bit quiet around here for the past couple of months because I’ve been busy working on a big, awesome project - as soon as it’s more presentable I’ll post up some information. In the meantime I’ve just finished Intersect, a little one day project designed so I could learn some more about using node.js and Socket.IO.

Intersect is a multi-user audio sequencer where intersecting circles create drifting arpeggios and hypnotic interlocking patterns.

Intersect uses the HTML5 canvas to create the graphics, node.js and Socket.IO for the networking and Audiolet to generate the sounds.

All in all, this project came together very quickly. The combination of node.js and Socket.IO made the communication between the clients and the server incredibly simple to write. The code for the server is only 33 lines long, and the networking part of the client is roughly the same length. Intersect is being hosted on Nodejitsu which made deployment very straightforward, and so far their support has been fantastic. If you are looking to get a web-app written and deployed quickly I can’t think of a nicer, smoother process. Finally, if you want to have a poke around the source code then you can grab it from GitHub.